Food Security In India


India is one of the most populated countries in the world, that’s why government is encountering difficulty to secure food. Therefore, approximately 190 million people are nourished, which is about 1/3 of the population. Almost, half of all children below the age of five are being stunted due to lack of food or poor nutrition.

The problem

India has been working to address its food security problem for many years. One of the major issues they are facing is how food can be accessible to ever individual in nation; the challenges in food security program are highly coming in distribution. The country is vast, and getting food that really need is really difficult task. There are also reports of mismanagement in program.

The effects affecting insecurity of food in India

The reason food security is so important in India is because of the sheer size of the population. Approximately 40% of the folks in India are poor and cannot afford to buy food. Food security is essential for health and wellbeing of the Indian people, and it is essential that government do everything it can to ensure that everyone has access to food. In India lack of knowledge and awareness leads many countryside pregnant women to not take care of their unborn baby’s diet and nutrition as a result unnourished children.

The government role in food security

The government has put in place a number of schemes to confirm food security, including the Public Distribution System (PDS) and the Midday Meal Scheme. The PDS provides subsidized food grains to the poor, and Midday Meal Scheme gives free meals to schoolchildren. Moreover, government also launched some program to promote agriculture and rural development, and has set up specialized agencies to manage food distribution.


All of these efforts are aimed to make sure that all Indians have access to food and that no one is starving for food.


In a nutshell, Being a largely populated country, it is vital for India to strong their food security program. The government is constantly working to improve the system. They have been some recent successes, such as the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana insurance program which helps farmers get the financial protection they need. Even though authorities are implementing new schemes every year, still there is large portion that are under average nutrition chart. They have to make sure that food is available to every citizen and proper guidance to be given to every pregnant lady in rural areas.