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Apples to ApplesThe Public Utilities Commission of aep ohio has been given the task of creating an excellent website to help consumers navigate Ohio’s competitive electric markets. The site lets consumers compare rates and plans offered by several electric suppliers, including Ohio Edison and AEP Utilities at a single point.

The site isn’t just an opportunity to help customers save energy costs but also a means for national and local energy providers to advertise their services in the Great Buckeye State. The website, which provides various information and services, includes the state-specific map searchable on the grid, detailed information on each utility’s product, and a host of useful customer support tools.

Customers can make use of this information to determine the most suitable electric plan that fits their requirements and budget. PUCO is committed to providing customers with the best possible service at the lowest cost.

PUCO developed the site above along with a number other consumer-friendly utilities to help consumers to understand Ohio’s electricity and gas markets.

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