4 Best Indoor Plants To Grow At Home

In today’s time, growing plants at home has become a hobby for many people. It is an additional task of household chores to be done and if some plants help the indoor area of the house to look more classy and peaceful, it automatically feels good, so here we have shortlisted 4 indoor plants to grow at home which will surely give you an idea of choosing among them:

1- Snake Plant

It is also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue and helps filter and remove air as well as removing toxic pollutants present in the environment. It is generally placed near the bathroom space which gives a calm vibe to the area. This is a houseplant of height 1 to 3 ft most people prefer to keep indoors.

Family – Flowering plant species of the family ‘Asparagaceae’

Height –.1 to 3 feet

Lifespan – Average lifespan is 5-10 years, maximum lifespan is 25 years

Benefits – Helps to filter indoor air and remove toxic pollutants from the atmosphere.

2- Spider Plant

Its name is spider plant as it is a spider-like look plant and it is also known as ‘spider ivy’ or ‘ribbon plant’. This houseplant is supposed to be kept in indirect sunlight, make sure to grow it in sufficient moisture but neither too dry nor too wet.

Family – Asparagus Family

Height – 12 to 15 feet tall

Lifespan – About 20 years, with good care maximum lifespan is 50+ years.

Benefits – Purify or clean the air of the home, and absorbs harmful chemicals which include benzene, xylene, and carbon monoxide.

3- Areca Palm

This is a plant that requires a bright light to keep it fresh. It also helps to filter formaldehyde toxins present in the house which sometimes causes suffocation. While watering, let the soil keep drying for some time before you water it again. Their best planting season is ‘Spring’ in a well-drained container.

Family – Arecaceae

Height – 12 to 13 feet tall outdoors, 8 feet indoors

Lifespan – 10 years

Benefits – comes under easy plants to look after, considered as an excellent air purifier.

4- Spanish Lavender

Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is one of the 40 different species of the lavender family. It can be found in different colors of flowers like white, pink, and purple. It blooms in summer and spring. The only main condition is to keep away from pets as it can be toxic for them.

Family – Lamiaceae

Height – 2 to 3 feet apart

Lifespan – About 5 years

Benefits – Leaves a calm fragrance in the aura and helps to relieve stress, high blood pressure, allergy problems as well as Asthma.